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1 classroom – 1 device

I’ve been on something of a hiatus from blogging recently. I’m hoping to change that. I’m working at the moment with 1 device in my classroom. No bank of iPads or tablets, no sets...

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Apple Maps Flyovers

   It’s the first full week of a new school year and I’ve been getting my head back in to planning. I’ve also started to get back to my roots. I’m a bit of...

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Fantastic First #FrogChat

#FrogChat seemed to go really well. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share some ideas and ask some questions. I tried to keep the questions positive (or at least the answers were positive) and...

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 With just over 24 hours until #FrogChat kicks off I’ve been putting some things together in preparation.  I’ve planned for it to last around half an hour. This is for 2 reasons. First,...

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Let’s start sharing

I’ve never really been one to sit about and wait for things to happen. Do it or continue to be frustrated I guess is the thinking. I’m not always the best person for the...

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If This Then That…Meet Frog

Every now and then something comes along which just works and irons out some real niggles I have with the world of technology. IFTTT is one of those things. IFTTT is all about linking...

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Host HTML files from GDrive

Google Drive changed the way they allow you to preview html files meaning you could no longer preview them and embed them in Frog sites. Until now there have only been really horrible ways...

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Snappy Drama

I taught a lesson today that I wanted to share. Partly because it is pretty useful and I think others will find it useful and partly because it one of the many reasons I...

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FrogLearn Dashboards and Structure

It’s been a while. I feel like I should give a brief explanation why. Here’s the short version. Having been lucky enough to work for Frog for over a year, I got the teaching...

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A blog about a blog in #FrogLearn

After a lot of enquires about blogging using FrogLearn I have made a quick video to demonstrate how the existing tools can be used to achieve something very nice and simple to begin blogging....

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Change a pupils frogos password

If you need to change the password of a pupil, its easier than you think, especially if you follow this infographic. Click Here to see the infographic (1386)

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Anti-Bullying Week 2013 Resources

In case you didn’t know already it is anti-bullying week next week. I have thrown together a (very) quick theme that looks like this And is downloadable from here Anti-Bullying Theme I have also...

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Adding a Twitter feed to Frog Learn

Edit: this is no longer possible using the google drive method. Instead you can enable the HTML widget by calling the service desk at Frog or use a third party such as rebelmouse or...

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Embedding PowerPoint and Docs

This method uses the Microsoft cloud storage to embed resources. Please be aware the name has now changed from SkyDrive to OneDrive. The functionality is still the same as it previously was. (2125)