10 ideas for using FrogSnap and site timelines

Soon to arrive in FrogLearn is the ability to add images using FrogSnap directly to a site. I have loads of ideas for using it so I thought I would share 10 pretty simple ones that would work quite nicely. If you get through all 10 there are a bonus 3 at the bottom to use it with staff.

FrogSnap with your class

1. Class trip – This is an obvious one but I’ll put it on here anyway to get us started. Going on a trip or a residential? Use FrogSnap to record your time there adding descriptions to each image. Share the site with parents, display it on a screen in school or just use the images when you return to do some follow up work.

2. Art portfolio – allow students to add images to a portfolio site to take images of their best pieces of art. This could also be used to record progress with a piece of work adding a description to explain which techniques were used to get the desired results.

3. PE – I see this as a big area because it will be a great way to capture evidence. One idea I really like is to create sites for different sports and show gymnastics positions, best place to kick a ball for different effect, best place to hold a range of rackets and bats. So many useful things it could be used for. With the ability to add tags and have multiple site timelines on a site you could contain all of these guides in one place quickly and easily.

4. Showcase – make a showcase site that you can add amazing pieces of work for others to see and comment on. This could be school wide or just for a particular class or group. Every time someone does something exceptional FrogSnap it and add it to the showcase.

5. Praise assemblies – to nominate a student for praise assembly, FrogSnap them with their piece of work. Add a description to say why it was nominated as a good piece of work. The person leading the assembly can then load the site during assembly and show the school who has been nominated, show their work and read the comment from the teacher.

6. SEN/IEP site – Create a site for any pupils with an IEP to create a digital version that is live and interactive. Record their achievements using FrogSnap and keep an ongoing record of their work.

7. Correct methods for maths – There is nothing quite like seeing some thing written down as an example of how it should be done. Even better than just seeing it written down would be to see it in stages with a description of how to carry out the method.

8. Sports day/performance/prom – this one speaks for itself. Make a site and snap away!

9. Treasure hunt – I thought this might be a bit of fun like an Easter egg hunt. The more I think about it I think it could have some nice uses on trips and for different subjects. How about taking images of all food with a particular ingredient in the supermarket for home economics? Or different mini beasts if you teach primary.

10. Homework – I’ll keep this one short. Write homework on the board, FrogSnap and send to homework site.


11. Learning walks – as you carry out learning walks use FrogSnap to take pictures of amazing displays, ideas and examples of school wide displays that need to be in classrooms. Adding a description will allow you to give some more info and praise the member of staff.

12. Examples of good writing – Worried about using the same levels throughout the school? Share examples of different pieces of work with levels provided. Staff can comment on the piece of work and discuss why it was given the level.

13. Examples of good marking – During book trawls/reviews, add a photo of teachers marking and reasons why it either fits in with school policy or what the teacher has done well to close the gap.

There you go. 13 in all. I can’t wait to see this being used in schools and see how the amazing teachers I get to work with everyday start to use it. If you don’t have FrogSnap and want to get to grips with it before the release to add site timelines comes out you can find it here.


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    This material is really helpful – hope there will be more this academic year.

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