Crosswords and word searches on FrogLearn

There is a really nice word search creator that I have used quite a bit that I thought was worth sharing as part of this post. Word Search Maker is a really simple site that will allow you to create word searches and embed them into sites on the platform using an embed website widget. It needs no explaination really. Just create your word search, copy the embed code as shown below
Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 12.36.22
Paste the embed code into a word document and then select the text after the src= inside the ‘   ‘ . In my case it is this bit
You can now use an embed website widget to add it to your site and it should look like this:

Below is a video showing how this achieved in FrogLearn
To add a crossword to your site it is best to use a free piece of software called Eclipse Crossword. Here is an example of a crossword created using Eclipse Crossword.

Below is a video to show how to use it with FrogLearn


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