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Google Drive changed the way they allow you to preview html files meaning you could no longer preview them and embed them in Frog sites. Until now there have only been really horrible ways of making it work.

I have just found a nice simple way and thought it was worth sharing.

Step one – preview the file in Google drive (it will probably open as a text file and show you the code)

Step two – copy the file ID (scroll to the very end of the url in the address bar and copy everything after id= )

Step three – add your file ID to the end of this url –[ADD YOUR FILE ID HERE]

That’s it. Just load the new url in your browser. To get it into Frog use an embed website widget on a site or dashboard.


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2 Responses

  1. Nikki says:

    Sorry i tried your way, but it wouldn’t work. However, I managed to get this to work by:-

    upload to google drive through tinyTLS as you described in an earlier post.
    Ensuring it is shared correctly…
    looking at the scorm folder in google drive, tick the index.html file.
    Look at the “details” on the righthand side NavBar. It shows the “Hosting” URL.
    I clicked on this and it opens in another window or tab in the internet explorer.
    When it did this, it changed the URL. This was this URL i copied and pasted into a frog “embedded” site.

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