With just over 24 hours until #FrogChat kicks off I’ve been putting some things together in preparation. 

I’ve planned for it to last around half an hour. This is for 2 reasons. First, I have no idea if anyone else will turn up and half an hour is the longest I think I should talk to myself online. Second, it’s Mother’s Day and I don’t want to be the person responsible for anyone getting told off by their mother. 

I’ve got 3 questions lined up which will go for around 10 minutes for each one and then we can all go away, inspired and ready to kick @$$ on Monday with our newly acquired a frog knowledge. 

Looking forward to it so hope there will be plenty of sharing going in. If you feel like joining in let us know who you are when you join in with 3 things; name, something about what you do with frog and your favourite widget (yeah I know that’s an odd one but I’m still kinda rolling off the top of my head with this one). Also don’t forget to use #FrogChat so we can all see your answers. 


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