If This Then That…Meet Frog

Every now and then something comes along which just works and irons out some real niggles I have with the world of technology. IFTTT is one of those things.

IFTTT is all about linking things together to do the work for you and make life easier. You create recipes which use a trigger to move, edit or share things in other places. A simple example is this recipe which uses Instagram posts as a trigger to post it as a tweet and convert the image into a Photo and not a link.

IFTTT Recipe: If any new photo on Instagram , then post a tweet with image to twitter connects instagram to twitter

So…why with frog?

IFTTT works with loads of services and does it really well. Here are some ways you can use it with Frog but I’m sure there are more.

This recipe allows you to receive photos in your google drive by email attachment.

IFTTT Recipe: Email with subject 'photo' upload attachment to google drive folder connects gmail to google-drive

Just share the email address with parents and ask them to email photos of things their children are doing over the holidays with the email subject ‘photo’ (you can change the subject word to your own by copying the recipe and changing the search word}. You can then embed the folder into a frog site so others can see them too. Find out how to embed Google drive folders here (it might be a good idea to have the photos going into an ‘unapproved’ folder first and embedding an ‘approved’ folder onto your site. Moving photos is quick and easy between folders and it could save you a whole bunch of trouble and embarrassment)

This one allows you to upload photos to google drive (you can also use one drive) when you are in a specific location.

IFTTT Recipe: Upload iOS photo in location to google drive folder connects ios-photos to google-drive

We do a lot of outdoor learning so the wifi isn’t much use when we are outside. The Forest Schools leaders (shout out to the legends who brave the cold wet winters to still give the children the opportunities they need) take hundreds of photos and it was a mammoth task to keep trying to upload them to Frog. Now they don’t have to do anything. They take the photos and when they come back in to school it connects their iPad to the wifi and their photos automatically upload. We then embed the google drive folder into a site and it all syncs up nicely.

This recipe turns iOS reminders into a spreadsheet

IFTTT Recipe: Reminders added to a spreadsheet connects ios-reminders to google-drive

Loads of things you could do with this really. You can embed a spreadsheet into a site. This means you could have a nice way of logging things the pupils need for revision, trips etc. it could be used as a simple notice board if you pretty it up a bit too. I quite like the idea of using it as a way to share lists of things they will need for the coming week PE kit on Monday etc.

There are loads of uses for IFTTT. I feel like I could go on for ages. I’m sure you’ll find it useful.


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