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I’ve never really been one to sit about and wait for things to happen. Do it or continue to be frustrated I guess is the thinking. I’m not always the best person for the job but at least the idea gets put out there for others to take on. 

This is one of those moments. 

I’ve been using frog now for a long time. I use it, advocate it, blog about it and believe it can be the solution to many things that can be barriers. I have a problem though. I’m running out of good ideas. All the late nights, long hours and quickly thrown together bits and pieces are starting to resemble each other and things are getting…well, boring. I need new ideas and a fresh motivation and I’m hoping everyone else feels the same or thinks they might be able to share something. 

As most of the people I know that use frog also use Twitter I thought I might try a bit of a Twitter chat using the hashtag #FrogChat. I’m planning the first one in a couple of weeks. In fact let’s put a date and time to it. Sunday 15th March 8:00pm UK time. I’m not sure if this clashes with any other education hashtags and if so I’m happy to take suggestions for a date and time but for now that will do. 

I’ll tweet about it, make posters and let people know my end. All you need to do is turn your phone on and share a few ideas. If it’s successful then we’ll make it a regular thing. 

You may have gathered by the tone of this email that I don’t really know if it will work and if it will be useful. That’s never stopped me before :) 

Hope to see loads of you there. 



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2 Responses

  1. Gideon Williams says:

    This is such a great idea Phil and I wish that more people would consider doing it for other learning platforms and sharing ideas for blended learning. The whole #chat feature has got much better in recent months form #bettchat to #dlchat and I like the slight guerrilla nature of it all with people sharing what works for them. Hoping that this is successful and will tune in as am sure Ill will pick up some good stuff – regardless of platform

  2. James Moon says:

    Nice idea Phil. Doesn’t Frogtrade already do something like this on Twitter? Seems like they’re missing a trick if not. It’s now in my calendar so I’ll hopefully be tuning in on Sunday.

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